About Us

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Our 5 Points of Difference:

  • 1. Our Offer

    Our ‘One-Stop Shop’ caters for all your data centre products and service needs. Why use multiple service providers – you can focus more time on your core business by using us.
  • 2. Our Engineers

    Success in business is all about people. Therefore, we only use engineers that have proven experience in supporting critical data centre environments.
  • 3. Quality

    We pride ourselves in delivering quality work to the highest standards set by the industry global leaders.
  • 4. Customers

    Our customers are at the heart of everything we do as a business, hence we go above and beyond our customers’ expectations.
  • 5. Guarantee

    We deliver quality technical services guaranteeing zero risk and downtime to your IT infrastructure and services. All our engineers are fully insured.

Customer Focused:

The customer is at the heart of everything we do as a business and that is why we offer support for your data centre needs round the clock. We understand that unexpected interruptions in IT services can cause a ripple effect through the customer base and serious revenue impact potential and damage customer relationships. Hence a trusted, rapid responsive IT infrastructure support partner is vital.

We pride ourselves on going above and beyond our customers’ expectations. We deliver quality technical services and consultancy experience in an efficient, transparent and satisfaction-driven way – guaranteeing zero risk and unexpected downtime to your IT infrastructure and services.

Our Engineers:

Professional, experienced and extremely motivated to provide industry leading services are the fundamental attributes of our team of highly skilled engineers. These skills have been accumulated through many years of managing the design, delivery and support within some of the UK’s largest private, Co-location and managed data centres.

As we choose to only select engineers that have worked within the data centre environment for a number of years, you can be assured that we understand your environment and the business risks – making us the perfect technical people to handle the IT infrastructure of your company.

Our data centre experience helps us quickly analyse and solve problems that may be present in your data centre and provide options that will help to overcome these challenges.