INTERACT is a unique software platform that recommends vendor neutral, optimum IT hardware refresh and/ or upgrade recommendations, with pricing fed by real time product data from across the server market.

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How INTERACT Helps Your Business

INTERACT provides cost analysis and energy projections. It enables businesses to analyse IT energy in their estate and suggests optimum hardware solutions to reduce the number of servers, save energy and carbon, and increase return on investment.

INTERACT helps data centres:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Decrease costs
  • Reduce the environmental impact of IT hardware and implement circular economy principles

data centre hardware Analysis

Use Cases

Lift and shift

INTERACT enables organisations to accurately reduce the number of servers for migration without compromising on performance. This saves rack space, reduces costs, energy and CO2 emissions without lowering workload capacity.

Rack level consolidation

INTERACT can identify the worst performing servers and advise how many, and what, servers are needed to run the same workload. This eliminates wasted space, saves resources and reduces emissions.

5 year strategy

INTERACT provides a snapshot of server efficiency across the entire server estate and provides a read out of the age and efficiency of each server model. This report is then used to order the machines from lowest to highest performing in terms of workload efficiency and energy draw. From this, decisions can be made about which servers to replace with which models, and when the next report should be run.




Interact is a standalone web tool that automatically models your infrastructure based on your configuration, without the need for hardware or software installations within your data centre.


User friendly

The tool has an intuitive interface that allows users to easily manage their configuration and get instant recommendations.



Energy modelling and cost analysis are based on scientific equations, peer-reviewed and published in an IEEE paper.



Authorised users of each account have access to their unique encrypted portal.

How INTERACT Helps Your Business

INTERACT enables businesses to analyse energy consumption within the IT server estate and recommend optimum hardware solutions to reduce the number of servers, save energy and carbon, and increase return on investment.

As Featured In...

INTERACT has featured in numerous publications including Education Technology, Techerati, Data Centre Dynamics magazine and leading product and supplier discovery platform, Thomas Net.

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